The spirit of the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century is reflected in the over 11,000 members who are descendants of early colonists to this country. Our membership extends to 46 states and one international chapter in Canada. You will meet Dames everywhere across the nation.

Our members honor the hardships and heroism of those who sought spiritual and economic freedom in the wilderness of this new world. 

We preserve their values and ideals in the present through our goals and projects: 

  1. preservation of historic sites and records
  2. promotion of heraldry and research
  3. support of charitable projects and education

Our activities acknowledge those individuals whose lasting legacy of virtue, courage and patriotism molded the character of this nation.

We welcome those who are inspired by these brave colonists, sharing the commitment to keep their vision alive in the present. Let us keep their spirit burning bright as an example to America.

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