The Society Today

President General's Tea

Today the members of the Society strive to uphold the goals and object set by the founder.

  • Marking of historic sites and work for historic preservation on the local, state and national level makes factual colonial research available to all.
  • The many hours our members volunteer in veterans’ facilities honor those veterans who have defended our hard-won freedoms.
  • A variety of scholarships are offered annually to deserving college students based on academic record and financial need. State Societies also offer a variety of scholarships to their residents.
  • Preservation and restoration of ancestral gravestones and cemeteries to bring awareness to America’s cemeteries are ongoing projects of the Society today.
  • Emphasis on gaining and retaining junior members (age18–36) as well as retention of the current membership for the sustainability of the Society is recognized as a number one priority.
  • Communication between our members and headquarters is now almost entirely by email. Our website has become more professional and digitization of our records is a vital and on-going project.
  • Strategic long range planning for the immediate and long term future ensures that the Society will be prepared next year and in the future to meet the needs of its growing and changing membership.





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