Section 1.  Any woman eighteen years of age or over of good moral character is eligible for membership, provided she has been invited by the Society, is eligible through birth parents or adopted parents if there is a blood relationship to the applicant, and is the lineal descendant of an ancestor who lived and served prior to 1701 in one of the Original Colonies in the geographical area of the present United States of America. Lineal descendant shall mean direct legal blood descendant.  No person may enter the Society under known false lineage records.

Section 2.  Documentary proof of an ancestor's service and residence prior to 1701 in one of the following is required.

  1. Historic Founder of Jamestown or Historic Founder of any of the Original Colonies.
  2. Member of the London, Plymouth or Virginia Companies who came to the colonies to live.
  3. Colonial Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Deputy Governor, or Colonial Officer.
  4. Member of the House of Burgesses.
  5. Member or Delegate to the Council of the Assembly.
  6. Deputy or Representative to the General Court.
  7. All civil and church officials and services.
  8. Founder or Trustee of any College or School.
  9. Minister of the Gospel or Commissary of the Bishops of London.
  10. Member of the Council of Safety of 1689.
  11. Signer of the Mayflower Compact.
  12. Member of the House of Deputies.
  13. All Professions, Trades and Crafts.
  14. All Military and Naval services of the Colonies.
  15. Any person who furnished funds or supplies.
  16. Member of Provincial Congress.
  17. Landowner or Planter
  18. Freeman
    a. applies to the New England Colonies only as an official service;
    b. applies to a person given the right of suffrage or right to hold any public office by the general or quarterly court;
    c. requires person to produce documentation individual was a member in good standing of some Congregational church;
    d. the Freeman's Oath was the first paper printed in New England at Cambridge by Stephen Days in 1639.
  19. Headright
    a. applies to a head of a household to whom land was granted on condition that the settlement by such individual would be made upon the
    b. applies to a person named in a land grant or other official record
  20. Transportee
    a. applies to one who was conveyed from another country to the American Colonies;
    b. requires proof stating individual transported into the colonies;
    c. requires historical documentation submission.

Section 3.  No person shall be eligible for membership in this Society who is pledged to or advocates the overthrow, by force or violence, of the government of the United States of America, or any state or territory of the said United States of America; or anyone who has been guilty of other treasonable practices.

Section 4.  The Society shall have the right to dismiss from its membership any person who is guilty of any of the foregoing and question in relation thereto shall be determined by this Society in accordance with the procedure in Article XV of these Bylaws.

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