The national  Bylaws states the following criteria of membership to the National Society Colonial Dames XVII Century:

Any woman eighteen years of age or over of good moral character is eligible for membership, provided she has been invited by the Society, is eligible through birth parents or adopted parents if there is a blood relationship to the applicant, and is the lineal descendant of an ancestor who lived and served prior to 1701 in one of the Original Colonies in the geographical area of the present United States of America. Lineal descendant shall mean direct legal blood descendant. No person may enter the Society under known false lineage records’

An intending applicant / member needs to contact her respective State for what documentary proof of an ancestor’s service and residence prior to 1701 is required along with step by step details to the process of becoming a member. An applicant shall agree, if admitted to membership, to carry out the purposes for which the Society was organized and to observe and comply with all of its Bylaws and Standing Rules.

Active members can transfer from one Chapter to another provided a written invitation is received from the chapter receiving the member.

Charter Members of the National Society are those whose applications were approved on or before June 30, 1916.



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