Junior Membership


Junior Members are an integral part of our Society and are most especially welcomed and encouraged; daughters and grand-daughters, nieces and other appropriate and talented young women. These young ladies are the future of our Society.

Benefits of Junior Membership

Many of us discovered the remarkable friendships and the shared purpose in Colonial Dames XVII Century later in life and wish we had joined sooner! Our Society offers so many opportunities and personal rewards to young eligible members between the ages of 18 to 36.


For Students: we offer “hands-on” learning and research in history, genealogy and heraldry opportunities as well as scholarship and service prospects.

For Young Homemakers: we provide social/hereditary meetings that focus on genealogy and Family History; enriching family life through knowledge of our ancestors and our heritage.

For Young Professionals: we offer opportunities to “network” locally as well as at the State & National level. Many of our members are active or retired professionals in a wide variety of professions. The interaction with sister “Dames” all over America can be very rewarding.

For All: we offer a diverse Society in which women of all ages have many opportunities to learn, and to serve our Society at every level, from chapter to the state and national level.

To contact the National Junior Membership Chairman, please select "Junior Chairman" from the drop down on our Contact Us page.

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