Awards, Gifts and Special Activities
Rachel Cole Colbert

Jan Lockard, Chairman
Mary Stagg Johnson
Brooke Jackson
Dorothy Thompson
Nan Ackerman- ex officio

Certificate Engrossing
Twyla Brammell

Colonial Heritage, Research and Records
Linda Stephens Barnard

Dianne Brown Cannestra

Flag Custodian
Mary Evangeline Lee

Genealogical Queries
Jeannine Kallal

Grave Markers
Suzanne Bell Fichter
Headquarters Decorating
Yvonne Yerian Hiteshue

Heraldry and Coats of Arms
Sharon Sowders, Chairman
Phyllis King, Vice Chairman

Historic Sites Marked by CDXVIIC
Kristin Leigh Wood

M. E. “Beth” Wilson

Junior Membership
Rachel C. Taylor
Long Range Planning
Elizabeth "Libby" McAteer, Chairman
Mary Stagg Johnston
Brooke Jackson
Mary Tatum
Dorothy Thompson
Melissa Fischer
Dianne Cannestra
Nan Ackerman ex officio
Marking and Preservation of Historic Sites
Patricia O’Brien Everts

Kimberly Jo Alexander

Ruth J. Linhart

Nannette Minor Jackson Godwin

National Defense
Lorraine Sims

Pocahontas Projects
Saundra Howie Chang

Printing and Publications
Betsey M. Kinlaw Taylor

Public Relations
Marilyn Howe Spence

Seventeenth Century Review
Julia Elizabeth Saldivar

Technology Support
Melanie Campbell Ford

Veterans Service
Rebecca Miller Rostron


Cornelia H. Williamson History Scholarship
Billie Jo Mcllwain Westby

General Scholarships
Peggy Ann Carney Troxell

Mary and James Johnston Scholarship
Vicki Lynn Presley

Mary Florence Taney Scholarship
Margaret Carolyn Christian Martin

Pocahontas Scholarships and Projects
Janice Madeline Snead

State/Chapter Scholarships
Jo Bandy Hill
Docent Program
Mary Jane Stockstill

Gravestone Preservation
Nancy Renfrow Schultz

Mary Stagg Johnson, Chairman
Nancy Ann Carter Billings, Vice Chairman
Mary Tatum
Brook Jackson
Dorothy Thompson
Nan Ackerman ex officio

Nancy Barbeau Cobos, Chairman
Dorothy Thompson, Vice Chairman
Brook Jackson
Nan Ackerman ex officio

Assistant Librarian
Marsha Hauschild Masone

Janice Miller Welch, Chairman
Margaret Mazourek Stromberg, Vice Chairman
Suzanne Bell Fichter, Advisor

President General’s Projects
Sharon Lee Allen

President General's Project: Honoring Our Fifty Year Members
Dorothy Dewitt Fiddleman

Volunteer Genealogists (Genie)
Registrar General and Chairman Courtenay Turner Stanley
Assistant Registrar and Vice Chairman
Joan Lockridge Cole
Betty Stanley Blane
Cheryl Clark
Rachel Cole Colbert
Rebecca Smythe Eisenman
Patricia Larkin Horton
Virginia Layman
Pamela Meiring
Christina Morris
Constance B. Paradiso
Anne Mills Sizemore
Janice M. Snead
Faye Sobel
Sandra Spicer
Bernice Wulff

Conference Arrangements
Nancy Cobos
Conference Decorations
Lois "Anne" McIntyre
Courtesy Resolutions
Kimberly Alexander
Courtenay Stanley
Grand Marshal
Conference Arrangements
Colleen Lynch Petosa, Chairman
Janet Kemerait
Laura Dahlberg
Ruth Linhart
Sharon Allen
Ann-Cabrie Forsyth
Janet Langley

Conference Decorations
Lois “Anne” Huber McIntyre

Courtesy Resolutions
Laura Dahlberg

CredentialsAnnelies Smith Mouring, Chairman
Linda Andrews Bennett
Donna Chapuis

Grand Marshal
Julia Hansen Floyd

Tiffany Reinhardt Burgin, Chairman
Annelies Smith Mouring, Vice Chairman

Mariam Noorai

Margaret Joan “Joanne” Byerly

Vene Carolyn Gregg, Chairman
Mona Ann Crandell Hook
Marilyn B. Bird
Sue Eskridge Turnipseed Harral
Tamera Buhrie Mouliere
Susan Potter
Marsha Richards
Elaine Thames
Sharon Rae Singleton Snowden
Debbie Powell
Laura Dahlberg
Ruth Linhart (alternate)
Ticket Sales and Reservations

Carolyn Hall Jones

Margaret Barnes Cooke

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